Walk and Feel Better

Walk and Feel Better

  • By - Mountrax Editor
  • 13 January, 2023

With the advent of health-tracking apps and step counters, walking for exercise has become very popular among people. Those who never gave it a thought are now counting their steps and doing their best to reach the golden target of "6000 steps a day!"  

Step Counter

It is very expedient because walking has always been linked to various health benefits. No matter your age or health status, your doctor will always recommend you walk for at least 30 minutes a day. It is because walking impacts your health in unimaginable ways.


Health benefits of walking

Walking might be one of the most underestimated exercises worldwide, but it can significantly boost your physical and mental health. Some of its most reputable advantages are listed below;

Ⅰ. Maintain a healthy weight

A healthy walk can help you maintain a healthy weight. When you walk daily, your body and muscles will likely stay active and burn calories.

Experts estimate that an extra 150 calories are burnt each day if you add 30 minutes of vigorous walking to your daily schedule. And, of course, you'll burn more calories by walking more frequently and faster.

Walk healthily

So, if you are struggling with weight and cannot afford to go to the gym, try adopting a daily walk routine and see your extra pounds shedding!

Ⅱ. Improve muscle endurance

If you are not a regular gymer or don't exercise regularly, walking can help you strengthen your muscles. It tones the legs, arms, and muscles of the abdomen. Consequently, it increases your range of motion and shifts the weight and pressure to your muscles while unburdening your joints. 

Ⅲ. Improve your balance and coordination

Any exercise that keeps you moving on your feet, like walking, can help you keep your balance. It aids in developing lower-body strength, which is crucial for maintaining balance.

Relieve stress

Also, walking is a generally safe exercise for everybody to practice. Older adults who lose their balance at a growing age can also retain it by simply walking.

Ⅳ. Strengthen immune system

A healthy walk every day can help to strengthen your immune system. It does so by increasing blood flow to your muscles, reducing the unwanted outcomes of stress and inflammation, and thus strengthening antibodies of immune cells for adequate protection against germs and illnesses.  

Ⅴ. Reduce stress and tension

One of the psychological advantages of walking is the release of endorphins, which are naturally occurring painkillers. A study from California State University found that people's emotions improved with the number of steps they took each day.

Daily Walk

Therefore, walking is linked with reduced stress and tension along with elevated mood and state of mind.  



In order to make the most of your walking regime, you must take some of the essential precautionary measures: 

Ⅰ. Choose the right shoes/soles

You might not be able to walk well if you are not wearing the right shoes and soles. So, make sure to wear comfortable shoes when you go out for a walk.

Right shoes

Ⅱ. Choose course carefully

The path you are walking on contributes significantly to your walking experience. So, try to walk on a smooth track with minimal bumps so that you can walk easily without fearing to fall or hurt yourself.

Ⅲ. Warm-up

Don't start your walk at once, first, warm your body up. A warm-up session before your walk will prepare your body and muscles so that you don't get tired early.


After walking routine is equally important

Very few of you would know, but your after-walk routine also contributes to your health. So, when you are done walking, don't forget to do the following;

Stretch your body for like 7-10 minutes. It will ease the cramps in your muscles, and you will feel lightweight!

Body strech

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