The Mountrax Foot Massager and the best options you have for Marathon Recovery

The Mountrax Foot Massager and the best options you have for Marathon Recovery

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  • 28 November, 2023

The Mountrax Foot Massager and the best options you have for Marathon Recovery

So what is the Mountrax Foot Massager and what are your best options to help you with Marathon Recovery? Well, those who have participated in marathon such as the New York City Marathon, already know what a feat it can be to achieve. The NYC Marathon attracts people from all over the world and is 26.2 miles in distance. The course sees the runner travelling through the most iconic parts of the city and in 2023 it attracted over 50,000 runners.

At the same time, it can take a huge toll on a runner right after the race and beyond and be much more severe than just tiredness and dehydration. Some people suffer from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which puts you at risk of serious injury shortly after.

post recovery for marathon

Post-Exercise Recovery

Studies show that the body will undergo many different physical changes after such an event. This means continuous muscle breakdown, the depletion of glycogen and inflammation. That means it's imperative to have the right type of recovery plan in place.

Five Tips for Effective Post-Exercise Recovery

Rest and Sleep

As with any type of recovery, you want to ensure a proper sleep rhythm over at least eight hours per night after a marathon. Make sure that this happens for the minimum of a week to give your body time to repair itself.

Nutritional Recovery

You're going to be drained of nutrients with such a long workout and pretty much with everything, so make sure to eat a balanced diet afterwards. This will help your body gain back the proper vitamins and minerals and not lead to any potential future damage or injury.

Proper nutrition is crucial for replenishing energy stores and providing the body with the nutrients it requires to repair itself. Focus on consuming a balanced diet which includes carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

Proper Hydration

After the race, you will lose weight, and a lot of that is water weight. So, you want to be able to drink back what you lost and make sure to weigh yourself before and after a marathon. You should at least drink what you lost at a minimum post-run to help with recovery.

Stretching and Cold/Hot Therapy

Stretching helps to improve flexibility and diminish muscle soreness. But it shouldn’t be done right after the marathon itself. In fact, after a marathon, you want to avoid static stretching and keep walking for a bit. On the days that follow, you can do yoga and cold/hot therapy. 

Mountrax Foot Massager

As well as taking on all the previous 4 tips to help with recovery, you want the best technology has to offer and that is where the Mountrax comes in. This great option can help with pain relief and getting you back on your feet.

Exploring the Mountrax Foot Massager

The Mountrax Foot Massager is a versatile tool that can be used to enhance post-marathon recovery. It has the right features to help alleviate the stressors you've put on your feet after a marathon. All that soreness and issue that has been caused can be eliminated with the three different modes it offers, from kneading the foot to air compression to heating the feet up and providing them with the right therapy.

In the end

Marathons take a lot out of everyone so it's important you take the necessary actions to get you back to 100%. You want to look at doing all of the five recovery steps mentioned above, including getting the right type of tool, such as a Mountrax Foot Massager.


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