Some New Year's Eve Traditions

Some New Year's Eve Traditions

  • By - Mountrax Editor
  • 28 December, 2022

2022 is ending, and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Like many other annual celebrations, this one has its place and traditions to follow.

Well, New Year’s Eve is a time of mixed emotions. You have some happy and sad moments from the past year to cherish; You are embracing the ongoing event and looking forward to the coming year with hope for the best. Also, you have your family and friends around, and there are many things to celebrate!

New Year Party

But the first and the most important decision is to decide on the celebration venue. It is usually a ritual in many friends and families that one member hosts a party at their place every year. It may give you the vibe of an annual family gala where folks have gathered after sparing some time from their hectic schedule and are together to appreciate the year gone by and welcome the coming one.

We've put together some of the best things to do on New Year's Eve. Without any further delay, let's begin with the traditions of the most awaited eve of the year!


Make classy New Year's food and eat it together

There goes a famous saying that "A family that eats together, prays together, stays together." So, the first need you will do is gather your family at the dining table! Make a classy dinner that everyone would love to eat and let the aroma spread in the air so that the festivities double.

Some of the tummy-satisfying options can be baked feta bites, toasted ravioli, spinach puffs, loaded cheese balls, steamed or roasted turkey, and the list goes on!  

New Year Dinner


Well, as the following mantra is praying together, that is what you should be doing after dinner.

Let all your family or friends come together and say a small prayer for each other and themselves. Prayers can be secret and said out loud. For instance, all of you would make a circle and say your wishes for the New Year, one by one.

Pray Together

It would be best to do a round where everyone could say something they want to let go off. And believe us, that will be the most satisfying moment of the eve as you will unburden your heart and enter the new year with a happy one!


Countdown and kiss

You may have never given the origin of the midnight kiss much thought. According to some historians, it has its roots in the Saturnalia festival of ancient Rome; a riotous good time full of partying, drinking and kissing. As time passed, German and English folklore idealized the concept of a midnight kiss and said kissing would make your romantic pursuits more successful.

New Year Kiss

The ideal approach to achieve this is to create excitement for the New Year by performing a countdown that lasts 10 seconds. And when the big time comes, make some noise or whisper a prayer for your loved one and share a kiss!

Sing Auld Land Syne

This well-known Scottish ballad's lyrics are a folk song composed by Robert Burns in 1788. The phrase "Auld Land Syne" means "year gone by." Even if many people don't know the lyrics, it is currently one of the most recognizable songs in the world and is especially sung on New Year's Eve as a farewell to the passing year!

Auld Land Syne

Make resolutions

How can this happen that we are talking about the New Year and we won't mention the New Year's Resolution Trend?

New Year Resolution

After you are done praying for the New Year and letting go of the unfortunate experiences of the past year, let your folk sit and make resolutions for the coming year!

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