Reflexology Massage Never Goes Out of Style!

Reflexology Massage Never Goes Out of Style!

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  • 13 December, 2022

Reflexology refers to a massage where pressure is targeted at specific body points to restore the energy flow. It is a pressure-point massage usually targeted at your hands, ears, and feet. Massaging these particular points is thought to alleviate stress and relax your whole body within no time.

reflexology foot massage

The people who offer this kind of massage are called reflexologists, who assure several benefits about the respective massage.


Principles of Reflexology

Reflexology massage is based on the principle that a single reflex represents every body part, organ, and gland. When a particular organ or body part is under stress, a specific point corresponding to that organ or body part will be more sensitive.

These are called reflex points and are usually related to all body parts. And they are primarily found in four areas: ears, face, hands, and feet. When pressure is applied to these points or reflex zones, they stimulate natural healing.

foot acupressure points

Note that applying pressure on these reflex zones is a susceptible point. You have to use your thumbs or fingers only, and that too with a particular technique. Applying the proper pressure in the right way can get you the desired results like stress relief, a relaxed state of mind, etc.


Origin of Reflexology

The origin of Reflexology can be traced back to the ancient Chinese belief in qi, or “vital energy.” According to it, human bodies have a vital energy that flows through every individual. And when a person is under stress, their body is likely to block this energy.

This gives rise to various corporal problems and illnesses and thus needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It was believed that reflexology massage could restore the flow of vital energy, keeping your body balanced and free of diseases.  

Thus, ancient reflexologists started mapping out the points that could be massaged to serve the purpose. They found many points in feet and hands which, when touched, stimulated the flow of energy within the body for healing processes.

reflex points

Over time, experts came up with various techniques for better results, and Reflexology is now labeled as a specialized massaging procedure with various benefits.


Benefits of Reflexology

The first and foremost benefit of reflexology massage is that it reduces the stress on your body parts and relaxes you significantly. With this, it is likely to reduce pain and elevate your mood and general well-being.  

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Some other potential benefits of Reflexology include the following;

  1. Strengthened immune system
  2. Enhanced ability to fight illnesses and infections
  3. Restored balance of hormones
  4. Improved digestion
  5. Recovery from back problems
  6. Lesser arthritis pain
  7. Better nerve conduction

stress relief

By far, the most acknowledged benefit of reflexology massage is improved mental well-being. A research study has found that a 30-minute reflexology massage can help lower anxiety levels among women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Also, some other studies report that reflexology massage also lowers anxiety among heart patients. The findings of the study state that touch at certain points were relaxing for the patients, which helped them relieve a lot of stress.


MOUNTRAX Foot Massager follows the principles of Reflexology

Well, if you too want to avail yourself of all these benefits, MOUNTRAX brings you something magical that will help you have this relaxing massage in the comfort of your home.

MOUNTRAX Foot Massager

MOUNTRAX Foot Massager Machine combines tradition and technology. You can enjoy professional reflexology foot massage with rolling heads that target acupoints of your feet. It can be your perfect partner during personal care and me-time!


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