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Benefits of scalp massage

  • By - Mountrax Editor
  • 16 June, 2022

Do you remember your grandma telling you to put oil in your hair every other day? The logic behind it was that oil will strengthen the roots of your hair and make them stronger. Well, you'll be surprised to know that it wasn't the oil that would have benefited you but the scalp massage! Maybe granny had never checked for the science behind it and had told you what she's been told all her life! But the story has an interesting turn now!

Your scalp is the center for a lot of nerves that lie near the surface of the skin. When you put oil in your hair and rub it on your scalp, you're stimulating those nerve endings. It removes the dead skin cells and promotes healthy blood flow which is enormously beneficial. But this never means that people who don’t want to put oil can’t enjoy these benefits, there are many ways to reap advantages via scalp massage! But before diving into these details, let’s find out why is scalp massage so good to have!

How scalp massage benefits you?

Regular scalp massages not only promote hair growth but also a good mood, a healthy nervous system, and much more. Here is what you can expect if you're massaging your head daily.

  • Relief from headaches, migraines, and Insomnia

If you suffer from frequent headaches or have a migraine, a scalp massage can be your savior. People who have sleeping problems, like disturbed sleep or even insomnia, are often recommended to massage their scalp. It is because when you stimulate your nerve ending, it ensures healthy blood flow that relaxes your brain and nearby muscles. Easing your muscular tension has pain-relieving effects and you're likely to observe headache relief and improved sleep.

  • Boosted memory

Scalp massages or head massages often target small muscles around your head. These muscles are provided with sensory nerves that function to send signals to the brain. Stimulating these muscles through massage therapy excites these nerves which help the brain to function better. Thus, you have an improved mood, a span of attention, and memory.  

  • Lower blood pressure and good blood circulation

As mentioned above, scalp massages work to relax your muscles and nerves which ultimately lowers your blood pressure. Also, when you massage your head it brings oxygenated blood to the tensed muscles in the head area. It is due to the light pressure exerted on the nerves that the blood moves through the congested areas ensuring adequate blood circulation.   

  • Promotes uplifted mood

Along with their relaxing effects, scalp massages also increase the production of Serotonin. For those who don't know, serotonin is a happy chemical in our body. It is a neurotransmitter that is crucial for reducing depressive thoughts and promoting a sense of satisfaction, optimism, and happiness. As you massage your head, your body is likely to release more serotonin which uplifts your mood and impacts your thoughts positively.   

  • Promotes hair growth & eliminates dandruff

Many people across the world have claimed that scalp massages have improved their hair health significantly. This is probably why your granny insisted on a daily oil massage!

Well, it is undoubtedly a matter of fact that scalp massages visibly improve your hair and prevent hair drops. They increase your hair length, improve the texture of your hair and strengthen the roots. A 2016 study also reported that scalp massages promote thick hair growth. The participants of the study were subjected to scalp massage about four times a day. And the results were visibly strong and thick hair. If you too want to have that Rapunzel hair, a scalp massage can help you with it. Note, that using a good oil or a scalp serum can bring more favorable results.  

Scalp massage also reduces dandruff. Good blood circulation and everyday massage keep the dead skin and cells at bay. Also, the sebum weighing down your roots can be removed with an effective massage thus dandruff has no chance!   

What is the best way to massage your hair?  

Now that you know, what wonders a daily massage can do to you. Let’s find out the best way to get you a scalp massage.

There are two ways to a healthy head massage;

  1. Using fingers
  2. A good-quality scalp massager

The idea of massage is to stimulate your nerves under the scalp, both fingers and a good quality massager can do so. Using a massager is reportedly more beneficial and they are specifically designed for maximum contact and directing a healthy pressure on the nerves.

If you opt for a massager, we recommend you get a high-quality one like Mountrax electric scalp massager. Our premium massagers guarantee pressure relief and optimal wellness. They are portable so that you can carry them anywhere and use them whenever you want. The best part is their long-lasting batteries so that you can save on electricity and use it for a longer time. Also, Mountrax scalp massager is waterproof, so using them over a wet scalp won’t be a problem. You can even have a massager to massage your pets like cats and dogs.

A 15 minutes massage with a Mountrax electric massager will make you feel like you're in heaven. It is so easy to use and relaxes your mind and body within minutes!




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