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Does foot massage really do well?

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  • 27 July, 2022


Do you ever feel that shooting pain in your heels when you reach home after a long tiring day at work? Do you avoid shopping, get-togethers, and events because your feet hurt afterward? Or do your feet hurt when your toddler keeps you standing and running all day? Well, this happens to almost all of us if we keep standing for long hours. Some people don’t feel pain but their feet go numb and tingle a lot. All these signs are overuse of the feet muscle which usually ends up in inflammation, swelling, and pain.

In such a situation, people usually head up to doctors and spent a lot of money on medicines. However, the issue sometimes gets fixed but sometimes worsens! But have you ever thought what a relief it would be to fix such an issue at home? Yes, your everyday pain and tingling in the feet can be fixed at home. This is where the art of foot massages dives in!

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Foot massage, if done right, can have a lot of advantages for not only your feet' health but overall wellbeing. Many disciplines can help you acquire knowledge and learn the right skills for foot massages. This article focuses on one of the disciplines called reflexology and will help you to know the right tricks for effective foot massage. So, let's get to it!

What is reflexology?

Reflexology reflects the pressure applied to certain areas of the feet using one or both hands. It is a certified massage technique that is reported to alleviate stress and pain significantly.

Benefits of reflexology, Headache relief

The basis for the technique is a popular theory that says that areas on the feet correspond with organs and systems of the living body. The right amount of pressure on these areas relaxes an individual, healing the corresponding internal organ or system.

People who master the technique are called reflexologists and they have designed proper foot charts to guide them as they apply pressure to the areas on their feet. Combined with other physical therapies, reflexology is often offered by chiropractors and therapists. You can also learn the technique and benefit yourself by alleviating pain & stress and enhancing sleep & relaxation.

Benefits of reflexology and foot massage

Here are some of the promising benefits that will convince you to learn the technique for sure!

  1. Boost immune system

Stress reduction, which benefits your immune system, is a non-trivial extra advantage of reflexology. Additionally, reflexology increases endorphin synthesis, which immune cell receptors require for normal operation.

  1. Increases circulation of blood

One of the most well-known benefits of reflexology is really better blood circulation throughout the body, which means that oxygen and blood are transported to all parts of the body more effectively. An increase in circulation also implies that the critical organ systems receive more oxygen, which enhances their performance and speeds up metabolism. Faster healing and cell regrowth are also achieved via the delivery of oxygen throughout the body.

  1. Prevents cold feet

As reflexology improves and regulates the adequate circulation of blood, it is a great way to prevent cold feet.  

  1. Balanced energy

A good reflexology session can increase the efficiency of several of your body's organs, which will raise your metabolism and help your body produce more energy. A reflexology session is absolutely necessary if you've been feeling drained or need an energy boost.

  1. Improves nerve and brain functions

The nerve endings in our body's extremities lose some of their sensitivity as we age. The efficiency and elasticity of nerves and cells in numerous body organs can be enhanced by opening up and purging neural pathways. Similar to muscles, neural pathways need to be kept active to be of great benefit and importance to your health. This is where your reflexology can be of greater benefit.

Moreover, your brain receives information much more quickly and effectively when your nerves are stimulated and your neural pathways are opened. This helps your brain digest the information more quickly, which in turn leads to quicker cognitive and physical reactions as well as improved memory.

DIY foot massage at home

If for some reason, you cannot acquire reflexology services or can't learn it yet, it never means you will end up with hurtful feet throughout your life. To help you ease your pain, here are some simple techniques to massage your feet at home.

1. Use your hands

Spare some time from your busy schedule and let yourself relax in a quiet portion of your house. Take a seat in a cozy chair. Gently bending your left leg, place your left foot on your right thigh. Put some oil or lotion on your hands. You should gently massage the entire foot, including the toes, arch, and heel. Deepen the massage. Your right hand's knuckles should be pressed into the foot. Like you would with bread, knead your foot. Alternately, grab a foot in both hands and press your fingertips to tone the skin and muscles. Pull the toes apart or back and forth using your hands. The muscles underneath are stretched as a result. Continue with the other foot.

2. Get a Mountrax Foot Massager

Last but never least, your easiest getaway with paining feet is our best Mountrax Foot Massager. 

The Mountrax Foot Massager comes with heat and provides you with an essence of deep kneading. The product is equipped with rolling heads having several small massage heads which ensure that most of the areas of your feet get adequately massaged. A 15-30 minute automatic massage is ideal to keep your feet relaxed and stress-free. The infrared heating relieves your tension and relaxes the stressed muscles. The intensity of the rays is safe for your skin and you might not feel the heat after like 3-5 minutes.

So, don’t let your feet suffer in pain and get a Mountrax Foot Massager now! 

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