Where does health come from?

Where does health come from?

  • By - Mountrax Editor
  • 25 May, 2022
Health needs a relatively high-quality life, a good living environment and social environment, scientific diet and scientific work and rest rules. Only in this way can we ensure good health.
Four cornerstones of health
1、 Reasonable diet
Summarized as "five numbers":
1. A glass of milk a day to ensure milligrams of calcium;
2. To milligrams of carbohydrates per day, equivalent to 6 to 8 liang of staple food;
3. Eat three to four high protein foods a day;
4. It refers to four sentences: thick and thin, not sweet or salty, three, four or five meals, seven or eight full;
5, grams of vegetables and fruits can reduce the incidence rate of cancer by more than half.

Summarized as "five colors":
Red: eat 1 to 2 tomatoes a day (reduce the incidence rate of prostate cancer), moderate red wine, and red pepper (improve mood).
Yellow: refers to yellow vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, watermelons, etc. These foods are rich in vitamin A.
Green: green tea and green vegetables, especially green tea, contain antioxidants, which can resist the invasion of free radicals and delay aging.
White: like oat flour and oatmeal, it not only lowers cholesterol, but also reduces glycerol three fat, which also has a good effect on people with diabetes and weight loss.
Black: black fungus can reduce blood viscosity.

2、 Moderate exercise
Life lies in exercise, but it should be moderate. Everyone should choose the appropriate way of exercise according to their actual situation and develop scientific exercise habits. For most healthy people, the standard for measuring the amount of exercise is the range of heart rate: (- age) * 65% ~ 85%. As long as you exercise within this range, you can get the best effect and ensure the safety of exercise.
Taking the elderly as an example, the World Health Organization believes that walking is the best exercise, but we should pay attention to the key of "357". The "three" refers to walking three kilometers each time for more than 30 minutes, "Five" refers to exercising at least five times a week, and the "seven" refers to not exceeding the number of "age + heartbeat". In addition, you can also practice Taijiquan. Research shows that those who insist on practicing Taijiquan can be three to ten years younger.

3、 Smoking cessation and alcohol restriction
Smoking is harmful to the human body without any benefit. It can cause chronic bronchitis, lung diseases, and increase the risk of heart disease and hypertension. Therefore, we should give up smoking.
Moderate drinking can promote blood circulation. Excessive drinking will be harmful to the health of the five zang organs, affect digestion and absorption and nutrient metabolism, and also have a great negative impact on the treatment and rehabilitation of various diseases.

4、 Psychological balance
This is the most critical one, which is more important than all other factors.
The ancients pointed out that "physical health, internal health, and mental health" is always the truth of "perfect health, internal health, and mental health". Whoever can adjust himself and have a healthy mind will have a healthy body.
Mental health is what we call maintaining a good state of mind, because the disease is largely affected by psychological factors. American scientists have done experiments. They gave patients with hypertension a capsule filled with starch, but told them it was antihypertensive drugs. As a result, when tested again, many people's blood pressure returned to normal. A large number of studies show that people with mental health have strong resistance and less disease, and they will recover soon even if they get sick.

So, how to maintain a stable state of mind?

Three sentences: treat yourself, others and society correctly. In other words, on the one hand, we should treat ourselves correctly, not be proud of our achievements, nor belittle ourselves; On the other hand, treat others and society correctly, and always be grateful to society. In addition, we should also achieve three pleasures: helping others in good times, contentment and happiness in general, and self enjoyment in bad times.
"Rome wasn't built in a day". Maintaining psychological balance requires long-term training of scientific theory and life practice.
The philosopher said, "character determines destiny". In our opinion, "lifestyle determines health." As long as we live according to the scientific law, we can enjoy every day healthily and realize personal happiness, family happiness and social happiness

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