Massage Actually Work?

Massage Actually Work?

  • By - ountrax M
  • 28 April, 2022
Massage increases blood flow to the targeted muscles, speeding up the delivery of the nutrients they need to function properly while disposing of metabolic waste that can cause pain and delay recovery.

Repetitive use in a stationary position (such as sitting at a desk all day) can cause muscle fibres to become stuck together, known as an adhesion. These adhesions restrict movement and if untreated can lead to whole muscles becoming hypertonic and eventually painful. A precise massage can work on the problem tissue, lengthening it and breaking down the adhesions until a normal range of movement can be restored. If you’re a dedicated athlete, massage can be essential for speeding up recovery from muscle fatigue, letting you get back to your sport quicker without resorting to painkillers or anti-inflammatories.

Now a neuromuscular technique is popular - trigger point release. To find specific points of discomfort and hold down until I feel the muscle release underneath. This helps to loosen tight muscles, restore circulation and reduce specific areas of nerve over-excitation.

Despite sports massage being a deep tissue treatment, it can also prove relaxing and calming on the mind and soothing to the body, easing your aches and pains. Hope that the whole experience will leave you feeling in a physically and psychologically improved state and ready for whatever your next challenge may be.

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