Foot Massage By Yourself

Foot Massage By Yourself

  • By - ountrax M
  • 26 April, 2022
Moderate pressure massage is safe and works well for most people with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and long-term pain. You can also consider getting your first massage from a professional massage therapist. If you had surgery on your feet, tell your doctor or podiatrist first to see if foot massage is a good idea for you.

Professional massage cost much. Luckily, you can get the same benefits at home for free by doing it yourself or asking your partner to lend a hand. The spots most likely to get sore are easy to reach.

Here's some tensest spots:

Step 1. Sit in a chair or on a bed, and put one of your feet on top of your opposite thigh. If you'd like, use a dollop of lotion or oil (like coconut or argan) to help your fingers move smoothly across your skin.

Step 2. Hold the front of your ankle with one hand. Then pinch the back of your ankle with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand and pull down toward your heel. This relaxes your Achilles tendon, which can get especially tight from exercise, standing for long periods of time, and wearing high heels.

Step 3. Use your thumb to make small circles from the bottom of your heel up to the base of each of your toes. You can also knead the bottom of your foot by pressing your knuckles into it. Or hold your foot with both hands and press your thumbs directly into the bottom of your foot, working from the heel up to just beneath your toes.

Step 4. Finish by rotating each toe lightly. When you're all done, switch feet.

If it hurts, use less pressure. If you feel sharp pain, stop right away.

You can also use a drugstore massage device. Or try a foot roller. Stand and hold onto a stable surface with one hand as you roll your foot over the device at a pressure that feels comfortable for you.

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