7 ways to fix foot pain

7 ways to fix foot pain

  • By - Mountrax
  • 15 April, 2022
Pain is a symptom common to many foot conditions, and pain medications can often help relieve foot pain. You also can try other approaches, either before resorting to pain relievers or in conjunction with them. For example, you can try an ice pack or a warm foot soak before reaching for the pain pills.

In general, if your skin feels warm to the touch (indicating that your foot is inflamed and possibly swollen), apply ice. Don't apply warmth to an inflamed area because it will only increase the blood flow and make the inflammation worse.

If your feet are tired and sore and your skin feels normal or cool to the touch, try soaking your feet in a warm bath to relax and soothe them. Pharmacies sell gel packs that you can either freeze or heat in the microwave, then apply to your feet. You can also try massage (see "Foot massage," below). Gently rubbing sore muscles and joints can often provide needed relief. But don't massage a foot that is inflamed or that you think might be injured.

Foot massage
When you think of massage, you may think of a neck or back rub. But your feet also benefit from a regular rubdown. And you may even be able to do it yourself. Massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often alleviates pain. It also provides a time for you to examine your feet, giving you the chance to notice a problem before it gets worse. To do a massage:

Sit in a comfortable chair. Bend your left leg and rest your left foot gently on your right thigh.
Pour some skin lotion or oil into your hand. Rub it gently into your foot and massage your whole foot — toes, arch, and heel.
Do a deeper massage. Press the knuckles of your right hand into your left foot. Knead your foot as you would bread. Or work the skin and muscles by holding a foot with both hands and pressing your thumbs into the skin.
Using your hands, pull the toes back and forth or apart. This gently stretches the muscles underneath.
Repeat on the other foot.
To enhance your massage, you can buy massage devices in local drugstores or health stores. Look for foot rollers; these can provide fast foot massages at home or at work — take off your shoes and roll your feet over the massagers for a quick pick-me-up.

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